New: Items are brand new and unopened.

New/Shelf Pull: items that have been displayed for sale in a store or online but have never been purchased by a customer. They are usually excess inventory from store shelves and can be considered to be in good selling condition. Products may come with retail store stickers, stickers residue, and outer packaging may show some shelf wear.

New/Damaged Box: Items are brand new and unopened, but outer packaging have some damages.

Open Box: items that have been opened by a customer or a store employee, but are otherwise in new condition.

Overstock: also known as surplus inventory, these are items that have never been exposed for sale in a store or online. They are typically goods that have never been purchased by a customer and are excess stock.

Resale: items that have been bought and used by consumers and are still in good condition to be sold again at a discounted price.

Salvage: products with greater chances of having broken seals, damages, outdated, significant shelf wear and could also have been testers. These products are sold at a considerably lower percentage of the original retail price and will still have some resale value.